The Logan Elm School District is located about 30 miles south of Columbus, in parts of Pickaway and Hocking Counties, covering 198 square miles. Logan Elm is the 23rd largest district in the state based on square mileage.

Total population of the district is 13,175. The number of students in the district - those attending Logan Elm, those attending another school or homeschooling, plus non-resident students open enrolled or otherwise placed into our district - totals 2,055.

As of October 4, 2018, there are 1,721 students in grades kindergarten through 12 currently attending a Logan Elm school each day. The enrollment breakdown is:
• 608 students in grades K-4 at three elementary schools
• 207 at Laurelville Elementary
• 181 at Pickaway Elementary
• 220 at Washington Elementary
•  277 students in grades 5-6 at Salt Creek Intermediate School
• 265 students in grades 7-8 at McDowell Exchange Middle School
• 571 students in grades 9-12 at Logan Elm High School

These numbers include 198 students who have open enrolled in Logan Elm or who have been placed here from other districts.

We have 47 PK students, who attend school at Laurelville Elementary.

There are also 90 Career and Technical students (CTC) in the district, who are technically enrolled but who do not attend a Logan Elm school; instead, they spend their days at Pickaway Ross Career and Technical Center.

On the 2018 Ohio Report Card, Logan Elm received a “B” rating, placing us in the top 1/3 of all ranked Ohio school districts. We also earned an “A” in Progress for the second year in a row. Gap Closing, which measures how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for groups of students in Math, English Language Arts, and Graduation, rose from a “D” to a “B.” In addition, our 4-year graduation rate of 92.4% earned a “B” rating and our 5-year rate of 96.6% earned an “A.”