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Blizzard Bag

Dear Families of Laurelville Elementary,

Once again, Logan Elm Schools and Laurelville Elementary will institute Blizzard Bags. In the event of inclement weather and school cancellations, the Logan Elm Schools will enact a “Blizzard Bag” curriculum which extends the activities and work being completed in the classrooms. Completion of the blizzard bag will allow the students to earn a day of attendance in school in the event of school cancellation.

Teachers have developed plans so that students do not miss the day of work, but instead will work on the assigned projects at home and turn in the work the day that school resumes. Doing this will allow us to keep students involved with school activities even though they are home. The assignments will be carefully selected by teachers and may practice skills already taught or give an overview of a new skill. All assignments will be designed so that the student can complete it with minimal assistance. Assignments in the blizzard bag should only be completed in the event that school is cancelled and the phone message received directs you to complete one of the lessons. There will be a total of three lessons - one lesson for three calamity days if needed. Blizzard bag assignments will be sent home with students as necessary.

Teachers will review with students the expectations for completion of Blizzard Bag assignments. A clear explanation letter from the teacher will be included in the packet with directions and what needs to be completed to receive credit for the day. Teachers will be available through e-mail to answer questions and provide support during the day. E-mail addresses can be found on the school website. The call you receive stating that school is cancelled for the day will also include information about the decision that “Blizzard Bags” should be completed on that day (“This is a blizzard bag day. Please complete lesson number 1). Assignments must be completed and submitted to teachers on the day students return to the classroom as explained in the directions. Work will become part of that day’s assignment. It will also be used to account for student attendance on the Blizzard Bag Day. If a student does not complete the required assignments, he/she will be marked as absent for that day. In order for a Blizzard Bag to count as an actual day of school, assignments for that day must be turned in on the next school day.

We are excited to offer this program and feel it will promote a variety of engaging learning opportunities for our students. We are pleased that learning will not always be disrupted during the winter months due to weather-related closures. The success of this program relies on everyone’s involvement. Thank you for your support.

Tami Clark

Grade 1
Grade 2
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