The Logan Elm School District began working with the Ohio School Construction Commission (OFCC) in early 2017 to determine the best Master Plan for the district. The district requested master plans to be developed by OFCC and OFCC provided cost analysis and input on those options. As part of this process, enrollment projections were completed by Future Think. The district was initially exploring plans that included two new elementary buildings, Master Plan #5. However, after requesting OFCC to develop Master Plans for these options and reviewing the plans, the district was notified that OFCC may not support multiple buildings because of the inefficiencies to build multiple buildings for a district this size. After a number of discussions, the district decided to look at a plan that would have renovated McDowell for students in PK-2 and build a new facility for students in grades 3-12, Master Plan #9. As part of this planning process, the district was told, “OFCC probably wouldn’t co-fund MP #9, thinking they should have just built PK-12.”

While it is possible OFCC would have approved a plan that included building two new buildings, with the community absorbing the incremental cost (that would not be co-funded), it is also possible they would not have. If the district had pursued the two-building plan and been turned down, we stood the chance of losing our standing with OFCC and having to wait another year or more before being able to put a plan on the ballot.

A press release from March 2018 gave more insight into the district’s discussions with OFCC during the planning stages. This quote, included in the press release, guided our planning for new construction: “As is the case with the majority of public school districts, your enrollment is declining and it has declined significantly. When we first started planning with you in 2001, your enrollment was still growing, and you had 2,300 students {current enrollment 1700 students}. Much has changed, and the trajectory seems clear. A single PK-12 facility is the obvious solution, based on clear enrollment trends, future District operating costs and efficiencies, as well as our collective fiscal responsibility to manage taxpayer funds effectively.”

Combining all uncertainties with the fact that the PK-12 plan has a number of educational and facility benefits for all students was significantly less expensive for the community (minimum $9 million less to build per OFCC vs. two buildings), and had many safety benefits, the board and administration felt this was the best option for the Logan Elm School District. Visit Bond Issues FAQ's for more information on the educational and safety benefits.

Here is a link to a letter sent to Superintendent Williams from Melanie Drerup, OFCC Chief of Planning, providing their support for the PK-12 plan.

Here is a link to a letter sent to Superintendent Williams from Melanie Drerup, OFCC Chief of Planning, addressing construction budget planning and the reasoning for their support of the PK-12 plan.

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