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FAQs for Reopening Logan Elm Schools


1)       Does Logan Elm plan to reopen on August 20, 2020 with all students attending school five days per week?

We understand the need for families to be able to plan for the reopening of schools.  Governor DeWine, at his press conference on June 16, 2020, said he would announce guidance for re-opening Ohio’s school in the near future. The District is working on three options for starting the 20-21 school year on August 20, while awaiting more guidance from the Ohio Department of Health, Pickaway County Department of Health, and the Ohio Department of Education.  The three plans include:

A.      Traditional classrooms, with increased safety measures

B.      Blended Learning with students attending two to three times a week, limiting the number of students in attendance at any one time

C.      Remote Learning with the curriculum continuing online


2)      What were the results from the recent parent survey?

Logan Elm recently asked parents to complete a brief survey.  Of the 448 families who responded, 87% of parents preferred their children return to the classroom, while 13% preferred an online learning only option.

3)      What health assessments will be in place?  What will happen if a student becomes ill while at school?

Using Student Wellness and Success funding from the State of Ohio, Logan Elm added a nurse’s aide position in the Spring of 2020.  The nurse’s aide will assist our School Nurse in assessing students’ health.  In addition, our secretaries and other school personnel may assist in taking students’ temperatures and assessing for illness. Students who become ill, and/or exhibit symptoms at school will be isolated and a parent/guardian will be contacted to take them home.


4)       Will staff and students be required to wear masks?

We do not know at this time if staff and students will be required to wear masks while at school.  We are awaiting guidance from state and local health officials.  We understand there are concerns with students being asked to wear masks in our buildings without air-conditioning. The District has discussed this matter with the health department and will work in conjunction with them when plans can be finalized.

5)      How will students practice social distancing on the buses?

We are waiting on social distancing guidelines to be released from state and local health departments.   At this time, we are anticipating the number of students per bus may be reduced.   In order to plan for reduced numbers per bus route, our transportation office is calling all households to inquire if students will be riding our buses in the fall.   Once this data is collected and guidelines are released, our staff will begin adjusting routes.  Parents will be notified of any changes.

Logan Elm will also be enforcing the policy of “one stop” only for bus riders this year.  Students will only be picked up at one location and dropped off at one location.  Due to health and safety concerns, we can no longer accommodate multiple pick up/drop off locations.  In addition, we can no longer take “bus notes” for students to go home with another student or be picked up/dropped off at an alternate location.

6)      Will school supplies be shared?  

No, students will keep their own set of school supplies in a container or plastic bag.

7)      Will each student have their own Chromebook?  Will one-to-one devices be utilized in all scenarios?

Yes, the Board of Education recently purchased an additional 500 Chromebooks.  This will allow all students in grades K-12 to be assigned a Chromebook.  Students who change classes will take their Chromebook with them from class to class and be able to take it home. In all scenarios, students in grades K-12 will be provided a Chromebook.  (ex:  a family with three students will have three, one for each student.)

8)      If remote learning is necessary at any point during the year, what will that look like?  Will it be projects and suggested activities similar to the spring?

If schools are closed for any length of time during the 2020-2021 school year, Logan Elm will immediately switch all students to online learning.   Students and teachers in grades K-6 will utilize Florida Virtual for online lessons while students in grades 7-12 will utilize courses developed by Logan Elm teachers using the Google platform. We will be fully prepared to “make the switch” to continue online with the curriculum, and work with families to problem solve any challenges this brings.

9)      If the district has to utilize a blended learning model, with half of the students attending on “A” days and half attending on “B” days, will the district keep children from the same family/household on the same schedule?

In this scenario, our goal will be to keep students in grades K-8 from the same family/household on the same attendance schedule.  We are not sure if we will be able to accommodate high school students in the same manner.

10)     If there is a spike in one building, will that one building go to remote learning, or will the entire district go to remote learning?

If there is a spike in one building, we will make decisions to keep as many students as possible in a traditional school setting.  This may require one building to go to remote learning while other buildings remain open.

11)     Some student may have increased anxiety or other behavioral health concerns.  How will the district help them?

Using Student Wellness and Success funds from the state, Logan Elm hired a School Social Worker in the Spring.  Jennifer Murphy was hired for this position and began working prior to the school closure.  She will be able to meet with students and families in August, and during the year.  Her contact information and a host of resources can be found at https://www.loganelm.org/SchoolSocialWorker.aspx .

Also using Student Wellness and Success funds, Logan Elm has hired an additional school counselor to serve our elementary students.   This will increase the amount of time a school counselor is available in our elementary and intermediate school buildings, as well as allow for a full-time counselor at the middle school. Logan Elm High School will have school counselors available every school day. Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of these individuals, or a building principal, if you are in need of assistance for your child.

12)     Will parents be able to choose an online only option? 

Yes.  For the 2020-2021 school year, Logan Elm students may enroll in an online only option provided by the district.

13)   Will students enrolled in all online courses be able to participate in sports, music and extra-curricular activities?

Yes.  Students who enroll in all online courses with Logan Elm will be eligible for sports, music and extra-curricular activities. 



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