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Offline Activities


Spanish I & II Weeks 6 & 7

Spanish III & IV Week 6

Health / Physical Education Offline Activities
Choose one of the options to do for week #6 and a new one for week #7. When you have completed the activity send it back to your teacher by email or take a picture and send through email.

Option #1 - continue with a workout program, but add four new activities you haven't done or listed the past few weeks. (Ex. jumping rope as a form of cardio, new versions of planks, push ups, sit ups, etc.) Make sure you explain how they are done, number of sets and repetitions, and the time for the activity. (at least 30 minutes)

Option #2 - Interview a relative ( Parent/Guardian, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or Cousin) Ask them the following questions about their time in Middle School or High School Physical Education Classes.
       Question #1- Was PE required when you were in school?
                        #2- Did you take skills and written tests?
                        #3- What were five activities you did in PE classes in school? (were they team or individual sports, weight lifting activities, etc.)
                        #4- Did you participate in the Presidential Fitness Challenge? (sit-n-reach, mile run/walk, pull ups/arm hang, sit ups/ crunches) Was there a certain standard you had to meet                                     to pass the challenge?
                        #5- Did they have certain hygiene practices before or after class?
                        #6- Were you required to stretch before your PE activities?
                        #7- Did you play a sport or do any school activities in High School?
                        #8- What were the sports your school had when you were in High School? How many new sports have been added?
                        #9- Do you have a favorite sport you like to watch on TV?
                        #10- How often were you outside playing or doing activities? 

Option #3- Help prepare a meal for your family. You may help your parents/guardian or do it on your own. 
                * List items you need to prepare the food. 
                * Ingredients needed to prepare the food, (you may write down the recipe if you would like).
                * How long did it take to prepare and cook/bake the food?
                * Comments from the family on how they liked the meal.

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