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Health / PE / Healthy Living / Fitness / Adv. PE:
  • Make up a workout routine that you would like to do at least five days a week.  Incorporate  body weight, cardiovascular, and core strength activities which would last at least 25-30 minutes. 
  • Make a chart on a piece of paper with the activities you do, how many sets or reps or seconds you complete them,and the day you did the activity.
  • You can make each day different or keep it the same for one week and then switch it up for the next week.
  • You may email the information at the end of the two weeks by written response, picture of your chart workouts, or if you would like to send a new activity you would like Coach Pete to try or do, email them at anytime. (Coach Pete has been trying out different types of plank and push up activities).
  • Examples of activities you may try:
    • 3 sets of how many push ups you can do.  You can vary them or modify what ever works for you.
    • Jumping rope - 5 sets of 1 minute.
    • Different core strength activities. 
    • Jogging / hiking /walking / working in the yard (picking up sticks, etc.) Some type of activity.
    • If you have weights make your own weight training workout that you would like to do.
    • Any workout you would like to make up and do would be great to stay healthy and active.
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