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Evening Custodian – McDowell Middle School
       Applicants must pass BCI/FBI background check, excellent work history, dependable, willing to work weekends. 
       Contact Bret King, Principal, prior to November 30, 2020 at: [email protected]

· Dependability, which includes punctuality, careful reporting, and conscientious carrying out of work.
· Care of the building, grounds, and equipment.
· Cleanliness and sanitation of building and grounds, including trash pickup on grounds and parking lots as assigned.
· Economical and efficient use of supplies and utilities.
· Safety and health of pupils and teachers.
· Removal of all fire hazards.
· Not leaving building without permission of Principal.
· Good public relations; refrain from gossip about associates.
· Cooperate with Principal, support services coordinator, and head maintenance person.
· Assist where possible in taking care of all emergencies and minor repairs; keep incidental items in repair.
· Help the Principal and teachers wherever possible.
· Be responsible for opening and/or closing building including unlocking or securing doors and turning on/off necessary lights.

Normal custodial tasks and cleaning responsibilities, which include but is not limited to:
· Dusting all furniture and equipment.
· Vacuum/mop floors in all rooms, hallways, stairs, basements and entrances.
· Remove all waste paper and rubbish.
· Clean windows, door glass, light fixtures and replace bulbs.
· Clean erasers and chalkboard.
· Mop hallways, kitchen, cafeteria, and entrances.
· Clean drinking fountains.
· Clean restrooms including toilets, urinals, sinks, floors, walls, partitions and doors.
· Replenish soap, towel, and toilet tissue dispensers.
· Care for lawn, sidewalks, and parking lots to keep neat.

Perform summer and other student vacation time building cleaning responsibilities:
· Overall cleaning of the building.
· Thoroughly clean all furniture and repair as necessary.
· Strip and refinish all floors.
· Building repairs.
· Painting

Perform duties aside from routine which need attention, ie. banquets, sports contests, meetings, programs, snow removal, etc.
Other duties as directed by the Principal.

Substitute Custodians
Applicants must be able to work independently and perform routine custodial duties.  Completed applications should be returned to
Chris Yingling, Transportation Director,  740-477-7477 or via email at: [email protected]     
Bus Driver
Applicants must have good communication skills, the ability to work with individuals of all ages and the ability to obtain a CDL. Qualified applicants will receive all necessary training and support to obtain the proper license. Completed applications should be returned to Chris Yingling, Transportation Director,  740-477-7477 or via email at:  [email protected]
Non-teaching Application 

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