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Current Scholarships Available

The scholarships listed below are what are available for the current school year. We will update the due dates and when applications are available, etc. as that information becomes available. Please check back often as scholarships are made available at different times in the school year. In addition, please take a look at the list above that will include other scholarships that may potentially be available so you can prepare to be on the look out for them or not. If you have any
questions about deadlines etc...please email [email protected]

Thank you!
LEHS School Counseling Department

(Scholarships that need to be mailed are to be turned in

to Guidance by 12:30 pm on the turn in date.)

Child Conservation League Scholarship2/26/212/26/21Office OnlyChild Conservation League.pdf
Builder's Exchange
must be submitted online by 4pm on 2/26/212/26/21Online Onlyhttps://www.bx.org/scholarships.php
Ohio Health Sports Medicine Scholarship2/28/212/28/21Office OnlyOhio Health Sports Medicine.pdf
William Ammer Memorial Scholarship3/1/21Submit online by 5pm on 3/1/21Online Onlyhttps://tcf-apply2.smapply.io/
Floyd & Mary Younkin Scholarship Fund3/1/21Submit online only by 5pm on 3/1/21Online Onlyhttps://tcf-apply2.smapply.io/
Hocking Co Farm Bureau3/1/213/1/21Office OnlyHocking Co Farm Bureau.pdf
Ben Kasler Memorial Scholarship3/1/213/1/21Office OnlyBKMF Scholarship.pdf
Soldier's Monumental Assoc.3/1/213/1/21Office OnlySoldier.pdf
Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Foundation3/1/213/1/21Office OnlyOhio Oil and Gas Energy Education Foundation.pdf
Dr James Earl Kennamer Scholarship3/1/213/1/21Online Onlyhttps://your.nwtf.org/scholarships/
Rumpkemust be postmarked by 3/5/21 or emailed by 5pm on 3/5/21 to [email protected]3/5/21Paper copies avail in GuidanceRumpke.pdf
IBI Group Scholarship Fund3/5/213/5/21Office OnlyIBI Scholarship.pdf
Alpha Delta Kappa Educational Scholarship3/15/223/15/22Office OnlyAlpha Delta Kappa.pdf
Nelson E.Jones  Scholarship3/22/213/22/21Office OnlyNelson Jones Scholarship.pdf
Roy H Huffer Memorial 3/25/213/25/21Office OnlyRoy Huffer JR Memorial.pdf
Ed Umsted Memorial Scholarship Fund3/26/213/26/21Online Onlyhttps://www.crcf.net
Gladys Schaal Memorial Scholarship3/29/213/29/21Office OnlyGladys Schaal Memorial Scholarship.pdf
OppU Achievers Scholarship3/31/213/31/21Online Onlyhttps://opploans.com/oppu/scholarship/
Ohio Gas Association Scholarship3/31/213/31/21Office OnlyOhio Gas.pdf
United Way of Pickaway County Community Impact Scholarship4/1/214/1/21Office OnlyUnited Way of Pickaway County.pdf
Berger Hospital Gift Shop4/1/214/1/21Office OnlyBerger Hospital Gift Shop.pdf
Circleville AMVETS Post 22564/1/214/1/21Office OnlyCircleville Amvets.pdf
Pickaway Works4/2/214/2/21Office/OnlinePickaway Works.pdf
Industrial Arts Scholarship4/9/214/9/21Office OnlyIndustrial Arts Scholarship.pdf
Eleanor Tootle Scholarship 4/9/214/9/21Office OnlyEleanor Tootle Scholarship.pdf
Greater Columbus Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants Scholarshipemail all documents to [email protected]
academic transcript must transmitted by a guidance rep by 4/14/21
4/14/21Office OnlyGreater Columbus AGA.pdf
The 33 Forever Scholarship4/15/214/15/21Office Only_The 33 Forever Scholarship 2021.pdf
Donald E Minor Memorial Scholarship4/16/214/16/21Office/OnlineDonald E Minor Mem Scholarship.pdf
Chief Clark First Responder Scholarship4/20/214/20/21Office OnlyChief Clark Scholarship.docx


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