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Testing (ACT/PreACT & SAT/PSAT)

Testing - ACT/PreACT & SAT/PSAT

PreACT results are in for Sophomores and these reports are being mailed home to parents. The PreACT gives students an opportunity to practice for the ACT. It will also provide students, parents and educators with a way to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses – information they can use to build and refine the skills students will need to be successful in college and beyond. 

For more information click the following link to view the guide for Using Your PreACT Results
Need practice for the ACT?

When will I take the ACT?
All students are given the ACT test in the spring of their Junior year at no cost to the student/family.  
Here you can find information regarding this opportunity. 
We register for this test together during the school day. Our students who attend Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center from Logan Elm also take this test with our traditional students. Registration for this test begins roughly around February and takes place within the school day. *If you have a student who has an IEP or a 504, you will be asked to sign a form that grants us permission to share those plans with ACT for their approval to approve/deny those accommodations in the testing setting.

The ACT test offered for current Juniors will take place:
Online Testing – March 1st, 2022
Accommodated Testing – March 1-4 and 7-11, 2022

The PreACT test offered for current Sophomores will take place:
Paper Testing – March 1st, 2022

To take the ACT outside of Logan Elm:
Click here to register for the ACT  - here you will register to take the ACT test OUTSIDE of Logan Elm High School. 
Many students have not taken the ACT other than taking it with us their Junior year. Additionally, many students opt to take the ACT again for various reasons. Here's how you can register/create an account to do this:
1) Register to take the ACT.
2) There are prompts at the top to select your personal situation. If you took the ACT with us your Junior year ONLY, you will select the middle option "I have scores from an ACT test, but don't yet have an account".  
3) From there, you will need fill out the information to create your account.
4) To LINK your old test from Junior year with us to this account, you will need your score report that was sent home to you from that test. It has an ACT ID on it for you. If you do not have this, then you can get that from our office. You will need to ask Ms. Swackhamer for that if you need it.

Reminder: the steps above are ONLY if you have not taken the ACT outside of taking it with us your Junior year.

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