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Attendance Policies and Notes

Attendance Policies and Notes

This letter serves to inform Logan Elm Middle School students and their adults at home about the policies and laws regarding school attendance.  Attendance policies are spelled out in detail in the Student Handbook given to all students at the beginning of the school year.  It is also available on the middle school web page under Student Resources, Student Handbook. There is too much in the Attendance section of the Student Code of Conduct to list here in detail but I am providing some insight into the more commonly addressed issues with student attendance.
  1. Parents are encouraged to call the school when a student is not going to be attending school that day.
  2. Upon returning to school, a student should present the middle school office with a note written by their adult at home or by a doctor if the student was seen that day by a doctor. 
    1. Notes must be submitted within 5 school days or the absence will be classified as unexcused.
    2. Work missed for unexcused days will result in no credit.
  3. Students may accrue 5 absences in a semester or 10 in a school year.  Absences beyond those limits will be unexcused unless excused by a doctor.  
    1. In essence, there will be no more parent excused absences after the student reaches 10 absences (parent or unexcused).
    2. See pg. 6 of the Student Code of Conduct for the list of legally acceptable reasons for absence from school.  If your student misses school for one of these reasons, send in a note.
  4. To minimize the loss of instructional time, schedule appointments for after school.  Under normal circumstances, a ½ day will be excused for appointments.
  5. House Bill 410 (HB410) addresses excessive absences from school.  Students are Habitually Truant if they miss school without a legitimate excuse:
    1. 30 hours or more consecutively (5 regular school days)
    2. 42 hours or more in a calendar month (7 school days)
    3. 72 hours or more in a school year (<12 school days)
    4. Students reaching these thresholds and an adult at home will meet with the attendance officer as part of the Absence Intervention Team.
    5. Continued unacceptable unexcused absences may result in the district filing a complaint in juvenile court.  
  6. Planned absences
    1. For preplanned absences a note should be provided at least 5 school days prior to the absence. 
    2. Failure to make arrangements prior to the absence will result in the absence being unexcused.
  7. Students tardy to school or any class 3 times in a 9-week grade period will earn a Wednesday School (ADP).  Each additional tardy will earn an additional ADP.