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BRAVE Program

BRAVE Program

Are you BRAVE?

Mission Statement:   To teach the academic and social skills needed for all students to succeed now and in the future.

Statement of Staff Beliefs:   It is our responsibility to teach students how to manage their own behavior and to hold them accountable for their actions.   Our goals are to encourage positive behavior, an interest in learning that results in a higher level of academic achievement, and to create a school environment that fosters student unity.

Guidelines for Student Success: Be BRAVE!

Be prepared.
Respect everyone.
Act responsibly.
Value property.
Encourage others.

2019-2020 Brave Award Nominations

Hadley Rittgers  - Value Property
Trent Francis - Value Property
Camron Miller - Value Property
Nathaniel Spriggs - Respect Everyone
Zander Dixon - Encourage Others 
Patrick Fairchild - Act Responsibly
Katie Wilson - Act Responsibly
Enaja Fischer - Act Responsibly
Abigail Black - Act Responsibly
Julia Weller - Act Responsibly
Jeremy Paulus - Value Property
Kenise Riegel - Respect Everyone
Rileigh Schoenborn - Act Responsibly
Sadie Morgan - Value Property
Durke Green - Respect Everyone
Brooklyn Hill - Respect everyone 
Carter Leiterman - Respect Everyone
Zachery Swindaman - Respect Everyone
Joseph Myers - Respect Everyone
NIck Stern - Value Property 
Mason Grate - Respect Everyone
Izeyah Harris-Teets - Respect Everyone
Kaylyn Hitchcock - Respect Everyone
Karlie Heimberger - Value PropertyRespect Everyone 
Addison Dietrich - Respect Everyone 
Taylor Fowler- Respect Everyone 
Lance Haupt - Respect Everyone
Kyle Rine - Respect Everyone
Ne'Miah Johnson - Respect Everyone 
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