Beginning September 30th, all "in-person" students will return to classes every school day.  
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New Student Enrollment

Welcome to Logan Elm Schools! 

The first step to enroll a new student whose parents/guardians reside in the Logan Elm School District is to complete the online registration.  You may complete the online registrion by visiting one of the Logan Elm school buidings or by following this link:


The second step, is to schedule an enrollment appointment by calling the building the student(s) will attend: 

  1. Logan Elm High School  740-474-7503
  2. McDowell Middle School (gr. 7-8)   740-474-7538
  3. Salt Creek Intermdiate (gr. 5-6)     740-332-4212
  4. Laurelville Elementary (K-4)    740-332-2021
  5. Pickaway Elementary (K-4)   740-474-3877
  6. Washington Elementary (K-4)   740-474-2851
You will need to bring the following documents to the enrollment appointment:
  1. Birth Certificate
    • Original or Certified copy from  Dept of Health or Vital Statistics  (Hospital “Birth Certificates” are not accepted—these are the “footprints” or other documents that have information written by parents.)
  2. Immunization Record
  3. Student’s Social Security Card
  4. Parent Identification—Driver’s License, State Photo ID, or Passport
  5. Proof of Residency--signed rental agreement, rent receipt with address, mortgage documents, deed, property tax statement, utility bill showing service address.   If living with someone else, please bring a  statement from owner/renter of home and proof of residency for owner/renter.   We may also ask for proof of change of address from Post Office or Voter Registration change showing new address.   If homeless, please let us know when you arrive for your enrollment appointment. 
  6. Custody Papers (if applicable)
  •       Parents are married or informally separated—no custody papers required
  •       Parents were never married-- Mother has sole custody unless a custody arrangement was issued by a court.  This applies even if Father is named on birth certificate.
  •       Parents are legally separated—a Temporary Custody from the courts
  •       Parents are divorced—court documents must show enrolling parent as “custodial” or “residential parent.”  (Shared parenting agreements should list enrolling parent as “residential parent for school enrollment purposes”.)
  •       Guardianship—must be signed by judge
  •       Grandparent Power of Attorney—Grandparent Affidavit/POA must be notarized and stamped as “filed” by a Juvenile Court.
  •       Foster/Court Placed—please bring: Court document showing who/what agency has custody of child; Letter from custodial agency indicating placement with foster parent/relative; Court document (journal entry) showing what school district is responsible.

Students are not considered enrolled until both steps have been completed.  

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